About Us

The International Initiation School® is a school founded by Cristiana Caria. The School offers a training program which provides the necessary tools to understand every human being's life project. 
Our aim is to bring back to the light all the wisdom coming from the ancient teachings to support the rising in consciousness of humanity with the purpose of accompanying each individual on the path of self-awareness, the understanding of one’s own potential and Divine Life.
For this reason the School has developed a training program for one’s individual inner growth which includes the possibility of qualifying as a Soul Facilitator. 
The aim of the training is to offer the tools to grow in the consciousness of who we potentially are and offer a guidance for the unfolding of one’s life plan. When we work with people, we learn to become Soul, and companying them opens us up. 

As a Facilitator, we become a witness of the Higher Plan lying behind people's lives and we learn not to interfere but to support the unfolding of what the individuals have chosen for themselves on a Soul level. 
The Training program is a 750 hours program, plus 300 hours of personal development, which includes supervision, apprenticeship, consultation, master courses, sacred tours,  etc.

The School is accredited as a Holistic Training program by AIPO, Associazione Italiana Professionisti Olistici (Italian Association of Holistic Professional Practitioners) according to the law N°4/2013.

At the moment the Three-Year School Training is only available in Italy, but many courses are available with English translation. For information and bookings, please contact the School registration office at: secretary@internationalinitiationschool.com.
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