Esoteric Alchemy - The keys to unlock our deepest wisdom

This course has come into being after a profound inner journey of the self into Soul as Alchemy can occur only if we contact the Soul energy within us. But what is alchemy? 

The word alchemy has different etymological meanings. In Arabic al-kīmiyya o al-khīmiyya (الكيمياء o الخيمياء), means “chemistry”, “fusing”, “melting together”, “ fuse together”, “to weld”, “to attach”; another definition correlate the word with Al Kemi, which means “Egyptian art”, because the Egyptian elders called their country Kemi as they were considered as magicians in the ancient time.  The elements in the alchemical process are the inner elements: earth, water, air and fire, which represent respectively the situations coming from the material world, our emotions our thoughts and our values. 

Going through and alchemical process means to go through a personal initiation. The word INITIATION means to open the door to the mystery which we ourselves are in the depth of our being. Our body represents the key of this transformation as it gathers within itself all the necessary ingredients, offering us this opportunity. When we speak about the body, we need to distinguish between the body that we have - which seeks only health, efficiency and not to suffer - and the body that we are, which shows us the way to find ourselves again. Through the alchemical work on the body it is possible to find the peace that all the ancient teachings talk about and reconnect with the Divine in each of us.
During this courses we will learn how to activate this alchemical process within ourselves offering us the possibility to experience at the end a deep sense of unconditional love, compassion and gratitude, the Love that the body holds within itself and that is waiting to be revealed. 

Inner Alchemy of the Soul - Part 1


-    Introduction to Alchemy
-    Physical and Spiritual Alchemy
-    The First Cause at the Origin of Existence
-    The 7 Principles of Hermes Trismegistus
-    The Aligning Process
-    Chemistry and Alchemy
-    Alchemy: An Art of Transmutation
-    The Great Work: Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo
-    The 4 Alchemical Elements
-    Inner Alchemy and SQ
-    The Vipassana Meditation in the alchemical context
-    The Opening of the Inner Eye

Inner Alchemy of the Soul - Part 2


•    Understanding Karma and who to release it through alchemy
•    The chakra system: the different levels of consciousness and the inner challenges that we meet in each chakra so we know what we are going to find and how to deal with it
•    Cleansing the chakras from the inner alchemy point of view
•    New inner alchemy technique.
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