Colour, Light and Consciousness

This course is primarily designed for those who wish to work with colour as a modality to keep body, mind and spirit balanced.  When we are fully balanced, it is much easier for us to understand both spiritual and material concepts, to flow with grace and ease though all the changes that happen to us, and it helps us to stay present to God, so that we may constantly connect more deeply to our Soul.
When we are balanced, grounded and connected to Divine Will, we are able to clearly see our mission and purpose for this lifetime.  This helps us to find our Soul's true direction. Placing our feet firmly and confidently upon the path, our little will gives way to the Higher Will which will guide and protect us throughout our journey.
This Colour Therapy Diploma course will teach you everything you need to know about colour and its meanings, the science behind colour, how we can experience colour through art, movement and music, and how we can use it, in many different ways for continued health and well-being, as well as for our spiritual growth.  The course covers the use of crystals, chromotherapy (colour lamps and torches), silks, solar essences, essential oils, colour visualisations, dress and decor.

Colour, Light and Consciousness Part 1

Ouline of Part 1 (six-day workshop):

Day 1 - Colour Properties I
What is Colour? Colours of Light, Pigment & Vision, 3 Levels of Colour, Basic Meanings of Colours 

Day 2 - Colour & Chakras I 
The 7 Chakras - Properties & Governances, the Etheric Body, The Nadis, Pranic Distribution

Day 3 - Colour & Art 
Colour mixing, painting a Colour Wheel, Butterfly Mandalas, Geometric Mandalas, Group Mandala, Music & Moods

Day 4 - Colour in Letters & Numbers and Tarot 
Colours of name & birthdate, Compatibility Circle, Colour in Tarot Cards, Astrology, Countries, Planets

Day 5 - Colour & Crystals 
Identifying & using Crystals, Energising, Programming, Cleansing, Crystal Sessions, Chakra Sets

Day 6 - Colour Healing Techniques I - Workshop
Silks, Crystals, Pomanders, Channelling Colour, Sensing Energy

Colour, Light and Consciousness Part 2

Outline of Part 2 (six-day workshop):

Day 1 – Properties of Colour II
  • A deeper look at primaries, secondaries & tertiaries
  • The psychology within colour
  • How colour affects and reflects us
  • Colours in Nature and our 5 Senses
  • Colour Analysis

Day 2 – Extra Chakras and the Subtle Bodies
  • More than 7 Chakras
  • Transceiver and bio-feedback system
  • Kundalini, Nadis, Pranic distribution
  • Using colour effectively in Meditation & Affirmations

Day 3 - Colour and intuitive Movement
  • Yoga and the Endocrine System - balance
  • Relating to our body through colour, sound and movement
  • The stories our bodies hold - silence and stillness
  • Our inner dancer

Day 4 – Colour and Sound
  • Using sound to balance the Chakras
  • Finding your Soul Sound
  • Earth Song

Day 5 – Colour Essences and Oils
  • Making solar-charged water with colour, crystals and gel paper
  • Essential Oils - the colour "notes" of plants
  • Colour in the Kitchen and Garden:
    • Vibrational food
    • The rainbow garden.                              

Day 6 - Colour healing Techniques II
  • Using colour with other modalities
  • Colour in Distance Healing
  • Etheric Rescue Technique revisited
  • Afternoon: Colour Therapy practise sessions

Colour, Light and Consciousness Part 3

Outline of Part 3 (six-day workshop):

Day 1 - Colour Properties III - Our multi coloured Chakras.
The role of every colour within a single Chakra; the consultation process; using geometric mandalas to help a client express their deeper emotions; 

Day 2 - Colour in History & Culture - colour use and meanings through the ages, up to the present time.  Advertising, Fashion, Décor    

Day 3 - Science of Colour - The Human Body - the importance of the 10 - Body Systems.
Major organs and their link to Yoga. How the eye sees colour. 
How colour helps our body/mind remain balanced.

Day 4 - Science of Colour - The Properties of Light - how colours of Light differ from pigments;
Colour in physics - wavelength & frequency; modern medical use of colour; using Colour Lamps and torches to balance the Chakras (Chromotherapy).
Making your own Colour Lamp with gel paper filters.

Day 5 - Colour Philosophy - throughout the ages. Aristotle, Pythagoras, Plato, Newton, 
Goethe, Babbit, Dinshah.

Day 6 - Colour Healing Techniques 3 - Sending colour balancing energies over distance.
How to do this using Light Boxes, Colour Lamps, crystals, photos, hair, names.    

Review Etheric Rescue. How working on the back can address specific past issues.

Colour, Light and Consciousness Part 4

Outline of Part 4 (six-day workshop):

Day 1 - Essential Oils and Essences - How essential oils relate to Colour.
How to create your own Sacred Essences with Crystals; making Solarised Water. 
Pendulum dowsing to check.

Day 2 - Sacred Geometry - the Universe as Sacred Geometry. The 5 Platonic Solids; Creating crystal grids and meditation pyramids; using yantras for meditation, Flower of Life, Fibonacci Spiral, Merkabah, space-clearing inc Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Why we sit in circles.

Day 3/4 - Esoteric Psychology - Masters, Guides and Angels. Theosophy - Alice Bailey, Madam Blavatsky, CW Leadbeater etc; The Ascended Masters & Lady Masters; Djwahl Khul and The Glamours; religion and spirituality; Yoga, I Ching; Qabbalah, Sufism, Sacraments; Angelic Heirarchy; 

Colour Healing Techniques & Practise - 2 days

Day 1 - Practising consults and recommending colours/techniques.
Questions and Answers

Day 2 - Putting recommendations into practice
Questions and Answers.
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