Colour, Light and Consciousness

This training program is primarily designed for those who wish to work with colour as a modality to keep body, mind, and spirit balanced.  When we are fully balanced, it is much easier for us to understand both spiritual and material concepts, to flow with grace and ease though all the changes that happen to us, and it helps us to stay present to God, so that we may constantly connect more deeply to our Soul.

When we are balanced, grounded and connected to Divine Will, we are able to clearly see our mission and purpose for this lifetime.  This helps us to find our Soul's true direction. Placing our feet firmly and confidently upon the path, our little will gives way to the Higher Will which will guide and protect us throughout our journey.

The courses will teach you everything you need to know about colour and its meanings, the science behind colour, how we can experience colour through art, movement, and music, and how we can use it, in many different ways for continued health and well-being, as well as for our spiritual growth. The course covers the use of crystals, chromotherapy (colour lamps and torches), silks, solar essences, essential oils, colour visualizations, dress and decor.

The training in Color, Light and Consciousness consists of the following seminars:


At the Origin of Colour and Its Vibration of Consciousness - Part 1

  • How does Colour come into being and What is it? At the origins of Light and Darkness (Yang &Yin) as a Movement of Consciousness;
  • Colours of Light, Pigments and Vision;
  • The 3 Levels of Colours;
  • Colour and the Human Subtle Anatomy: A brief Introduction to Colour in relation to the Chakras as Wheels of Consciousness;
  • Basic Meanings of Colour in relation to Existence: Identification, Properties, Attitudes, the / Rays of Creation, the Archetypes, Fragrances, Sounds, Shapes, Elements, Totem, Zodiac Signs and Planets, Number and the Alphabet, Crystals, Food, Furnitures;
  • Colour and Intuition: Mixing and Intuitively Perceiving the Vibration and Meaning of Colours - The Wheel of Colour and Mandalas - The Sound of Colour;
  • Practical Exercises, Individual and Group Consultations.

At the Origin of Colour and Its Vibration of Consciousness - Part 2

  • The Origin of the Colour Wheel and its Energetical/Physical and Esoteric Meanings;
  • The Human Energy Field and the Extended Chakras System;
  • The Transformation of the Consciousness into Matter: Chakras, Nadis, Endocrine Glands and Human Subtle Bodies;
  • The Psychology of Colour in Nature: Red, Coral, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Olive, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, Violet/Purple, Magenta;
  • Practical Exercises.

Colour and the 12 Levels of Consciousness of the Chakras

  • The Chakra system and the Human Antenna;
  • The Visible Colour Spectrum and the Chakra vibration of consciousness;
  • Red - The fractal colours of the Base chakra, Muladhara: I am, the basis of our existence;
  • Orange - The fractal colours of the Second Chakra, Swadisthana: Where your being is established;
  • Yellow – The fractal colours of the Third Chakra, Manipura: The City of Jewels;
  • Green – The fractal colours of the Fourth Chakra, Anahata: The unhurt, unstruck, and un-beaten or indestructible self;
  • Blue – The fractal colours of the Fifth Chakra, Vissudha: The Purification;
  • Indigo – The fractal colours of the Sixth Chakra, Ajna: I Command or command center;
  • Violet - The fractal colours of the Seventh Chakra, Sahashara: The thousand-petaled Lotus.

The Complementary Colours and the Unseen Work of Consciousness

  • The Complementary Colours of the 12-Colour-Wheel in relation to Consciousness;
  • Colour and Complementary Colours in relation to the Human Eye and the Human Energetic Field;
  • The Hidden Message of Complementary Colours in Colour Interpretation;
  • The Complementary Colours: How they Work and How to Use them;
  • The Hidden Issues in Complementary Colours;
  • Practical Exercises.

Colour, Vibration, and the Sacred Geometry of the Human Auric Field

  • The EMS e the Physics of Colour from the Esoteric Point of View;
  • Esoteric Psychology in relation to Colour Interpretation;
  • The Human Hologram and the Auric Field;
  • Physical and Subtle Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body in relation to Colour;
  • The Energy Relationship between the Endocrine System and the Chakras;
  • Sacred Geometry, Colour and Chakras: the 5 Platonic Solids, Circles and Spirals, Labyrinths, Crystal and Geometric Energy, the Shaakta or Star of David;
  • Sacred Geometry applied to the Human Auric Field;
  •  How to Use Colour to Understand and Support the Human Hologram of Light;
  • Practical Exercisesnth Chakra, Sahashara: The thousand-petaled Lotus.

Tuning in with Our Vibration of Consciousness

  • At the origin of Number, Sound and Colour;
  • Introduction to Colour as Consciousness;
  • Number and Colour in the Date of Birth;
  • Colour and the Letters of the Alphabet;
  • Vowels and Consonants: The Consciousness of Each Letter;
  • Colour and Sound in the Name;
  • Understanding and Sensing the Unique Colour Vibration of your Date and Name of Birth;
  • Wearing the Colours of the Name and Date of Birth;
  • Individual and Group Practical Exercises.

Energize and Empower the Inner Sacred Temple of the Body

  • Introduction to Crystals;
  • The Crystal Forms;
  • Colour in relation to the Healing Properties of Crystals;
  • Cleansing, Programming, Energizing;
  • The Temple of the Body as an Inner Sacred Space;
  • Crystals to Energize and Empower your Inner Sacred Space;
  • Crystals and Chakras;
  • Working with a Crystal Chakra Set: Balancing and Activating the Chakras;
  • The Function of Crystals in Meditation;
  • Wearing a Crystal;
  • Crystal in our Environment.

Arts of Healing with Colour Techniques - Part 1: Etheric Displacement & Re-anchoring

  • Subtle Anatomy of the Human Aura: The Subtle Bodies and the Chakras;
  • The Etheric Body in the Human Aura: Definition and Purpouse;
  • The Step-by-step Process of the Etheric Reanchoring Techinque Session;
  • Practical Exercises.

Arts of Healing with Colour Techniques - Part 2: Chakra Rebalancing

  • A Brief Introduction to the Human Subtle Anatomy: The 7 Chakras, their Elements and Colours;
  • Crystals and Colour: The Relationship and How they Work in relation to the Human Chakras and Energetic Field;
  • The Step-by-step Process of the Chakra Re-Balance Technique Session;
  • Practical Exercises.


Dancing the Rainbow of our Being

Colours, Essential Oils and Essences

Arts of Healing with Colour Techniques - Part 3: Colour Breathing & Visualization

Arts of Healing with Colour Techniques - Part 4: Colour and Crystal Energy Body Alignment

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