Developing Sensitivity and Intuition

Developing Sensitivity and Intuition - Part 1

“Intuition is seeing with the soul"  - Dean Koontz

Intuition plays an important role in the process of awakening to our self because it represents the aspect of the soul that is connected with the highest part of ourselves. When we speak about intuition, we speak about the guide that comes directly from the Higher Self (or Soul). Our intuition, which we can also see as an inner teacher (IN-tuition), constantly speaks to us, whether we listen to it or not; intuition is that part of us that knows exactly where we have to go and what we must do, that inner voice that is constantly in touch with the Spirit and that shows us, at any time, the path of our life and helps us to manifest it. In everyday life we are often distracted by the intellect which, through rationality, gives us a personal interpretation of things, almost always strongly judging. Activate intuition in a maieutic way means to activate an inner process of self-education and stimulation from within to the outside of this quality.

During this course we will learn, through different types of exercises, to stimulate the perception of the energetic field that surrounds us and to activate the deep inner listening so that this voice can become the guide of our life. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said that we "are not human beings who have a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings who are having a human experience". What does it mean? When we are born in the body as a temple of the soul, it is our task to embody the qualities of our true self to use them in our daily lives and to manifest the project of our life.
Intuition is:
  • Listening to the Higher Will through the inner voice;
  • The development of Acceptance through the understanding of Unconditional Love, because only by accepting what is in front of us, we can listen to what we are asked to do in the moment, in the context of our life plan;
  • Welcome life and use Karma as a guide to true Being.

Listening to the inner voice is a very important step in the process of awakening to oneself. It means learning to let go of the mental patterns that prevent us from seeing reality as it is, learning to recognize the guidance of the Great Life to our Divine Project.

Prerequisites: None

Developing Sensitivity and Intuition - Part 2

“… is undergoing important transformation. From relatively external process of pouring in facts, it is increasingly becoming a process of evoking the deeper generative possibilities that lie within the individual”.
- H. A. Overstreet

In our daily life we are often dragged into using the mind as a tool to understand reality, but the truth is that the mind is a slayer of the real. It may mislead our perception of the external world and make us become intellectualized and knowledge-based, causing an overloading and misuse of the lower mental body.
The mental is an aspect of the personality, while intuition is a quality of the soul. Between the two there is a gap that can only be bridged through a meditation technique which assists us in “thinking in the heart”. Blending the mind and the heart is a necessity for the higher mind to open our consciousness to the beauty, truth and love of the soul and support a direct knowledge of the divine.
Developing intuition means to become an instrument of intelligence for the soul and be guided without the interposing intermediary of the intellect.
During this 3-day course we will explore what is the purpose of developing intuition and how the soul can enhance her control over the personality instrument. We will explore the Law of Rebirth and the process of At-one-ment.

Outline of Part 2:
  • Introductory thoughts
  • The Nature of the Soul and its relationship to the Instrument of the personality
  • Intuition as a quality of the soul
  • Meditation/Intuition techniques
  • Experiential practices

Prerequisites: Sensitivity and Intuition Part 1

Developing Sensitivity and Intuition - Part 3

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”
-  Kahlil Gibrán 

During this third and last part of this trilogy of courses, we will analyze the difference between prayer and meditation in relation to the understanding and guidance of the divine. As we become one with all that is, we no longer see ourselves and the world as an object of aspiration, but the divine as the Eternal Cause and source of all that is, including ourselves: we are life and life moves through us. We will become one with the whole by becoming one with our own soul; it is about the realization that the individual consciousness of the soul is the consciousness of the whole and that all the differences have faded away. Dualism gives space to unity and the personality is transcended: 
“Self is the friend of self for him whom the self is conquered by the Self; but to him who is far from the Self his own self is hostile like an enemy.”
Bhagavad Gita (6,6)
During this 3-day course we will understand the difference between prayer and meditation in relation to intuition; we will explore into depth the 5 stages and objects of meditation in order to support the illumination of our intellect and enhance our intuition to receive guidance from soul. We will experience that soul uses our knowledge to inspire a new understanding of reality.

Outline of Part 3:
  • An overview of the Part 1 and 2
  • Life as oneness with the Divine
  • Meditation and prayer: differences 
  • The 5 stages of meditation
  • The objects of meditation as a technique to assist us “thinking in the heart”
  • Deepening Meditation/Intuition techniques
  • Becoming the instrument of the soul: inspiration as a new form of knowledge.
Prerequisites: Sensitivity and Intuition Part 1 & 2, Meditation Part 1.
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