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B105 Equilibrium Iridescent Coral/Coral (50ml)


Archangel Azrael's Equilibrium Bottle was born on 8th March 2006 at 3.22 pm. Azrael has 4 faces, 4000 wings, 70000 feet and His body is formed of many eyes and tongues, whose number corresponds to the number of men inhabiting the Earth. This Archangel stands with one foot in the fourth (or seventh) Heaven and the other on the razor-sharp bridge that divides Paradise and Hell. The name Azrael, Arabic ?Izr???l or ?Azr???l, in Islam, means "Angel of God" or "Help from God." Azrael is the Angel of Death, as He acts as a psychopomp, responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after death in order to separate the soul from the body. This Bottle is a very special one as it is in this Equilibrium that we experienced the birth of Coral as a hue in the range. The Mica flakes and Titanium are the ones responsible of the iridiscent reflectivity that we see in the top fraction of B105. Coral is about awakening to the New Man/Woman within the self. It is about the possibility of looking for love within without waiting to be loved in the outer world. Coral is the colour associated to Taurus in astrology. Taurus is the star sign related to the celebration of the birth, enlightment and death of Gautama Buddha. Buddha worked on the transcendance of the desires coming from the ignorance of the mind, which he believed to be at the root of suffering. Azreal supports the process of self-awakening to the true self helping us re-focus and re-orient on all sides in the direction of the Higher Self. This is why this Archangel is considered to assist us in going beyond inner separation and supporting the connection with the feminine intuitive aspect to promote the inner unity.

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