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B69 Equilibrium Magenta/Clear (50ml)


Since the ancient times, the act of ringing a bell has always been a message of some kind. The bell is considered an holy object associated to the elements of Air and Water because of the rippling waves of sound it creates. In some Eastern traditions, the bell is symbolic of the human soul suspended between Heaven and Earth. Its sound can clear the space before a ritual, prepare the mind to be receptive, seal the inner work after a meditation or mark a transition from one place to another or one state to another. This Bottle espresses the possibility of awakening to the power of love of the universal consciousness (Magenta) within the depths of the self (Clear). As we do so, we may experience a sense of integration and many aspects may come into resonance with the whole. This colour combination can bring light to our suffering, assisting us in breaking through. Its purpose is to remind us that love from Above (Magenta) is always available to us, if we are open to see beyond the limits we have put on ourselves.

72 Kabbalistic Angel Association:
RESH ZADIK MEM* - MITZRAEL - Deus Sublevans Oppressos - God Liberating the Oppressed. Living in Faith and Service to the Higher Truth Changes our Being.

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