Esoteric Numerology

Numerology is one of the oldest sciences of symbols. It began when life begun because life is vibration, consciousness, and each number is a vibration of consciousness. Numbers represent universal principles through which all things evolve and develop following growing cycles, they are a law unto itself which never deviates from the principle underlying the law that governs it. The digits from 1 to 9 are therefore, an expression of the passages needed to realization of an idea or concept and represent absolute truths because each of them is the symbol for a specific manifesting energy.
Plato used to refer to it as "the highest level of wisdom" and Pythagoras talked about it as 'the essence of the cosmic and inner harmony'. There are no two identical numbers and each of us is imbued with the characteristics of the number he was born with, carrying the consciousness, the qualities and the life experiences that belong to that number.
Numbers have a role in our lives, they are the transparent building blocks (transparent because they are concepts) of the manifestation of the mystery of life. From the moment we are born, we are given a time of birth, a date of birth, and count our years alive in numbers. Each number has its own individual vibration and meaning and, if we are open to it, it becomes a "doorway" on our history and on our soul. They support us in reconnecting with the energy behind existence in a way that allows us to see the energy pattern behind form and understand the spiritual significance and orderly progression of the manifestation of all things.
When we learn to meet and know them, we can start to see the patterns and the cycles, and make sense of where we have been, where we are, and might yet be. Therefore, we understand the 'impulse', the 'heartbeat' of our own life. from understanding comes wholeness, peace of mind and compassion.
Numerology offers the possibility to remove ourselves from the sea of illusions and to walk the clear path up the mountain of self-realization. Each number is an expression of the quality of life we lead.
The understanding of their relationship and procession in our chart can provide great help in explaining the difficulties of the past or present circumstances and therefore ease them greatly by helping us to take steps of least resistance.
 Numerology is a tool which allows us to develop our intuition and it is valuable to anyone who is interested in the art of healing, business, personal relationship, career choices and everyday life decisions because it is a means through which we can go back to our deepest memory and see the pattern of our life from the Soul point of view.
In this way we can transform a crisis into learning process and offer ourselves a new way of observing our life. Numbers are, therefore, great teachers because their effectiveness occurs when they open the way to the view and the potential of the soul.
 The training structure is composed of three six-day courses: Foundation Course and Diploma Part 1 and 2.

Foundation Course in Numerology

This Course offers a good basic phycological portrait of number and allows the student to access the understanding of the personality as it learns to align to the Higher Self. It offers a positive approach to numerology whose effect on our existence is both fascinating and illuminating because it will assist you to start further your insight in order to allow your intuition to develop.

Module 1   Number as Teachers
1: Genesis
2: Attributes
3: Year, Month, Day

Module 2   Manifesting Wisdom
4: Sacred Geometry
5: Number Transformation
6: Gematria (Lessons from the Past)

Module 3   Transcending the Intellect
7: Numbers and Self Development
8: Visiting Ancient Systems (with an open mind)
9: Reflecting on personal symbols
Practical exercises form a significant part of the course and introduce you to simple systems of reading a numerology chart.

The course consists of an exposition of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, chart readings, written exercises, discussions, visualization and homework, which is an essential part of the course. During the seminar you will receive the handouts relative to the different Modules.

Diploma Course in Numerology

This course is only open to candidates who have successfully completed the Foundation Course. The Course offers a deeper understanding of relationships, the world, and focuses on the development of the intuition. Your personal development on the Course will open up new opportunities as never before.

Module 4   Mind in Time and Space
Mind as vehicle of response to the rhythms and cycles of the Universe

Module 5   Time and Space: The Great Teacher
The impact of the karmic laws on the Soul of man

Module 6   Meeting Self in Time and Space
The Chakras: receiving and responding to the Great Experience

Module 7   The Fire Transformation within the Great Experience
Initiation: moving from Self to Higher Self into realisation

Module 8   Life the great relationship
Transformation through love and acceptance

Module 9   The Flow of the Double Helix
Aligning with the original intent through the double digits

Module 10   The Ongoing Journey
The flow of the river of consciousness

After the Diploma Course there is an optional Examination to be able to fully graduate. As a graduate of the exam, you will be able to set up as a professional numerologist.

Outline for Intensive Foundation Teacher Training Course

Introduction by lead teacher

Aim - Why do you want to be a teacher? The aim of this course is not to check the delivery of the course knowledge. It is to invite the trainee teacher to understand the responsibility of their role to inspire others to become themselves as higher self. So the teacher has to be humbly inspired by others’ self-expression.

Day 1 and Day 2 - Foundation Part 1

Each trainee teacher will deliver a portion of the course allocated by lot.

The trainee teachers will be invited to be very aware and take notes of their own reaction to the person teaching - teaching method, characteristics of the delivery, likes and dislikes. Equally important will be to be aware of the behaviour of the rest of the audience. This awareness is a very important part of the training as it will help each teacher to become aware of difficult situations arising in a group. They will be able to find the wisdom to turn the situation into a positive learning opportunity.

Day 3 Workshop

With charts comparison we will explore the play of energy that has generated everyone’s reaction. Each student teacher will be the subject in turn and their chart together with everyone else’s chart will be displayed. Through chart comparison and the information about the audience reaction to the subject’s teaching, we will be able to understand a lot about the energy of numbers.

Day 4 and 5 – Foundation Part 2 and in-depth chart reading

Each trainee teacher will deliver a portion of the course allocated by lot.

This will have a similar format to Days 1 and 2. However, this time, building on the experience gained in Day 3, the trainee teachers will have the opportunity to recognise their relationship with the energy of the numbers expressed in front of them. This will help them to learn, to accept and welcome its teaching.

As part of Days 4 and 5, in depth chart reading will also be covered.

Day 6 Workshop

We compare the trainee teachers’ personal aims with their own chart. This will help with the understanding of their Song and skills to assess the strength of their teaching ability. There will be time for questions about chart reading. There will be evaluation of progress, of acceptance or clarity of reaction towards the expression of other student teachers.

Day 7 and 8 – Foundation Part 3

Each trainee teacher will deliver a portion of the course allocated by lot.

Foundation Part 3 is by its nature more like a workshop. Here we aim to celebrate our mission as a teacher, as a Soul seeking a deeper point of view, a sensing from the Soul to teach us to see number charts as landscape rather than an intellectual black and white display of knowledge numbers. (Although this way of interpreting still delivers a good, helpful psychological portrait of the chart’s owner).

Questions and answers
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