Facilitating the Soul: A look on the Individual Project of Consciousness

“Love is a magic ray emitted from the burning core of the soul and illuminating the surrounding earth. It enables us to perceive life as a beautiful dream between one awakening and another” - Khalil Gibran

This workshop gathers together all the ancient wisdom teachings explored in the IIS training in order to interpret the journey of each human being in this life time. The aim is to offer a guidance through the understanding of the soul plan for the expansion of consciousness and the realization of one’s mission and purpose.

It explores what each of these ancient systems point at, how to apply it and how to decode its messages to support the soul journey in each phase of the present incarnation.

During this three-day course, we will look together at what facilitating the soul means and how to see behind the scenes of one’s journey. We will combine all the tools offered by the ancient teachings and learn to combine them together to draw a panoramic view of where the individual stands at this point in time, where they are coming from and where they are heading. It is about learning how to support the life journey of every human being and facilitate them in the understanding of what is required for their shift in consciousness.

  • An overview of the ancient wisdom teachings: what each of them points at?
  • How to combine these views
  • What does it mean to facilitate? The role of Love in the journey towards oneself.
  • A case study: looking at one’s individual maps
  • Sharing the understandings and the overview
  • Questions and Answers.

Pre-requisites: the 7 Rays, Esoteric Numerology, Esoteric Astrology, 72 Angels of the Kabbalah, Esoteric Tarot, Hebrew Letters, I-Ching and Esoteric Numerology, Tao and Esoteric Numerology, Colour Light and Consciousness Part 1 & 2
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