The Tree of Life, or the Kabbalah, is a Kabbalistic a map of consciousness, a geometrical symbol of the complete universe, composed of ten spheres, called the Sephiroth, and 22 connecting paths. It is a diagrammatic representation of the thirty-two Paths of Wisdom, which relate to the number of times that the name of God was found in the Genesis.
The Kabbalists understood that the mysteries of life couldn’t be proved and for that reason they developed, through the combination of many elements of religion and mathematics, the kabalistic paths whose aid of understanding is to know oneself and the laws and forces of the Universe. The micro and macrocosmic view of existence.
The word Kabbalah means "to receive" and the core of this teaching relies on the fact that the spiritual and the physical worlds not isolated from each other, but closely linked. Beause of its high desire to receive, humanity represents not only the bridge between these two worlds, but it also carries the potential to fulfill their unification.
The Tree is a model of the template of the all world, a model of the Universe which carries within its own system of rules and laws. This ancient map teaches us that there are four levels or dimensions of reality: Atziluth, the world of Emanation, Briah, the world of Creation, Yetzirath, the world of Formation, and Assiah, the world of Action. All these levels contain the same essence, even if expressed with a different quality.
This means that all the things and happenings on one level are not only copied in the one below, but they must also have a counterpart in the worlds above. The kabbalistic statement "As above, so below" highlights the concept that everything we see in this world is only a reflection to something occurring beyond outward phenomena.
"In thirty-two mysterious paths of Wisdom did the Lord write...
He created His Universe by the three forms of expression:
Numbers, Letters, Words.
Ten ineffable Sephirot and twenty-two basal letters" 

- Sepher Yetzirah

According to the Kabbalistic teaching, the creation occurred because of a withdrawal of the Light of the Creator. God manifested the Sephirot which are a sequence of ten energy fields which keep us protected from the full intensity of His Light. Each Sephirah has distinctive qualities, properties and lessons to be absorbed and mastered. The ten Sephirot are the manifestation of states of consciousness, and they act as transformers as we work with them.
The twenty-two Paths are related to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, 22 Royal Roads that lead from one archetypal energy center (sphere or Sephirah) to another. The successful treading of any of these paths requires the harmonious blending of the forces represented by the two spheres it unites. Twelve of these paths correspond to the 12 Zodiac signs and the other 10 represent the heavenly bodies, the planets, that travel through the signs. Working with all the thirty-two Paths of Wisdom of the Tree of Life is representative of the journey we walk in life, a journey not only to understand ourselves but also any other process - energetic, emotional, mental - which is part of us.
Each line (or path) relates to a different Major Arcana Tarot Card, also known as Karmic or Trump cards, while in the Spheres or Sephirot, we find the Minor Arcana related to the four worlds.
The journey along the Tree is a very deep one because it teaches us how we can transform the different life experiences in opportunities to enrich our life and our soul. The sages of the Kabbalah tell us that we incarnated in the specific time and space that could give us the best chance at being the best we can be.
According to the teaching of the Tree of Life, we actually reunite with the Light when we emulate its sharing nature and we become the link between the physical and the spiritual world above. Sharing means receiving because as we start sharing, even if we might have the impression of giving something up, we create a flow of energy from the spiritual world that fills us up, and we attract the infinite blessings of the Light. It teaches us to transform giving and receiving in a cause rather that the effect of our life choices. We cannot receive the Light unless we start sharing that Light.
The Kabbalah is a practical guide for bringing unity and completion into our life; it provides the bridge to connect us to the hidden part of ourselves. By enhancing both the qualities of our daily life and the potential of our soul, it leads us to a new level of consciousness in order to awaken our potential.

The IIS School has divided this training in 3 parts with the purpose of starting a journey of understanding in depth the structure of the Tree of Life. The School is aware that the comprehension of the Kabbalistic system is a life time study and it is willing to leave that to the personal interest of the students. At the end of the IIS Kabbalistic training the student will be able to draw a map of the Divine Plan of each human being: the plan that each of us has chosen in order to raise in consciousness and manifest our potential in this life time.

The Kabbalah (Part 1): Unveiling an Ancient Map of Consciousness

“Every woman and every man is a star”
- From The Book of the Law

The origin of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is shrouded in mystery. Some trace it back to the Talmud, some in the mystical Chariot of the Merkavah, some in the Sepher Yetzirah, the Book of Splendour, ascribed to the patriarch Abraham, some believe that it comes from a literature which was unrelated to Judaism.
The Kabbalah, which means “to receive Hidden Truth”, is intended to be a map of consciousness, macrocosmic and microcosmic. Its purpose is to offer us an understanding of God and His forces operating within the cosmos and in man. The legend states that it was orally transmitted from the Adept to the apprentice in the Secret Sanctuaries of Initiation; while from the historical point of view it was to be considered the Jewish mystical teaching about the initiated interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures.
The Kabbalah contains within itself most of the ancient traditions as it embraces them all to offer a panoramic view of the manifestation of the Divine in matter and a Way to go back to the sense of Unity with All that is. It explains how the world manifested and how we as humanity, can overcome the sense of duality we perceive in Life.
During this 4-day course we will explore the origin of this map and its content in order to understand their meaning and purpose: the Hebrew letters, numbers, Tarot, planets, zodiac signs, mundane chakras, magical image, God name, the archangel and the order of angels, virtues and vices, symbols and pagan mythology. Furthermore, we will explore together the qualities of the 10 intelligences represented by the 10 Sephirot.

Outline of Part 1:
  • History and origin of the Kabbalah
  • A map of the Universe and a map of the Human consciousness.
  • Explanation of YHWH and the 4 levels of manifestation.
  • A file of experiences of consciousness: the Hebrew letters, numbers, Tarot, planets, zodiac signs, mundane chakras, magical image, God name, the archangel and the order of angels, virtues and vices, symbols and pagan mythology. Why.
  • The Sephirot (spheres) as Divine Attributes.
  • The 10 Spheres (Sephirot) and the numbers from 1 to 10 as a manifestation of Spirit in matter: their qualities and symbols in relation to the human consciousness.

Pre-requisites: none

The Kabbalah (Part 2): Decoding the Movement of Consciousness

“From the Spirit he produces Air, and formed in it twenty-two sounds, the letters. Three are mothers, seven are double, and twelve are simple, but the Spirit is first and above these.”
- From the Sepher Yetzirah

The second Part of the Kabbalistic training explores the 22 Paths of the Tree of Life. In the Kabbalistic teachings, a path is described as the subjective experience that each individual undergoes in the process of moving from one state of consciousness to another, from one sphere, or Sephirah, to another. This is why these paths have been associated to the 22 Hebrew letters or intelligences/fields of consciousness, to the Elements, planets and star signs, and to the Major Arcana of the Tarot.
The origin of this association comes from a brief, but major document of the Jewish tradition, the Sepher Yetzirah or Book of Formation. It is a very ancient philosophical treatise about the origin of the universe and mankind, which describes the process of creation according to an alphabetical and numerological process. In this book we find the connection between the Paths, the Hebrew Letters, the Tarot card and its explanation. 
The symbolism of the paths threefold. Firstly, the 22 Paths are strongly related to the Hebrew letters, which can be defined as the key to the consciousness represented by the path itself. Secondly, the Paths are associated to the 3 Elemental signs, the 7 ancient Planets and the 12 Zodiacal signs, as they describe the Spiritual Significance of the individual journey and the influences of the cosmic factors that operate behind the surface of life. Thirdly, they are related to a Tarot card to reveal the esoteric mysteries that each individual has to face within in order to move from a sense of separation to a feeling of oneness.
During this four-day course, we will explore in depth the meaning and different aspects of each path in relation to the understanding of the movement of consciousness that each individual has to experience in the process of self-awakening.

Outline of Part 2:
  • The Tree of Life and the 22 Paths: the Elements, the Planets and Signs, Gateways and Points of Transformation
  • Description of the Intelligence of each Path, the Hebrew letter related to it, its Theory and its Tarot card
  • Questions and answers.

Pre-requisites: Kabbalah Part 1, Hebrew Letters, Esoteric Tarot Card, Esoteric Astrology Part 1 and 2

The Kabbalah (Part 3): Decoding the Map

“Grasp the Creator. Kabbalah is known as the teaching of the hidden (nistar) because it can only be grasped by a person to the degree that he is able to alter his inner qualities. Therefore, he cannot pass along his perceptions to others, but he can and should help others to overcome the same path.”
- Rambam, Ilchot Yesodot Torah
The aim of this third and last part of the Kabbalistic training is to connect the deep wisdom coming from the ancient teachings learnt in the School and decode the map of consciousness of the individual in order to understand their place and mission in the world. Every aspect of the personal cosmos is deeply related to the universal law and the unfoldment of the Divine Plan on earth. 
The Kabbalistic system is a spiritual language manifested in order to establish a relationship and a communication between the different levels of reality and states of consciousness so that each individual can establish a connection between the living beings and forces of the Universe and, through them, to Primal Source of Existence.
In the Sephirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, we have also the presence of the 72 Names of God, or qualities of the divine, which are a key to open the various gates of light in order to support the passage to a higher dimension of being. These names correspond to our birth Angels and they assist us in adding a further dimension to our understanding of the individual path to consciousness.
During this four-day course we will interpret the 72 names in relation to the Tree of Life and sum up together what we explored before in order to draw the map of consciousness each human being was born with in order to achieve their mission and purpose in this incarnation. We will experience the Kabbalistic Tree as a guideline to align the Higher and lower worlds, above and below, on the earthly plane.

Outline of Part 3:
  • Brief review of Part 1 and Part 2
  • The 72 names of God in the Tree of Life, their position in the Sephirot.
  • Positioning one’s details in the Tree
  • Decoding the map.
Pre-requisites: Kabbalah Part 1 & 2, Hebrew Letters, Esoteric Tarot Card, Esoteric Astrology Part 1 and 2, the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah.
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