Learning Pathway

Learning Pathway
The Learning Path of a Soul Facilitator is structured by two sets of courses: the first one defined as Academic Disciplines must be attended according to be attended according to the sequence determined by the School, while the second group of courses, named as Crescita Personale (Personal Growth), can be chosen by each student according to their field of interest.

The Academic Disciplines have been selected to offer the student a panoramic view about the journey of each individual in this incarnation so that it may become clear to the trainee Soul Facilitator how to support them at each stage of their life from the soul perspective.

The School by the means of the hours of lectures, tutoring, supervision and internship is keen to create Soul Facilitators of an extremely high standard.

As the School is aware of the challenges that each student may encounter on their training in relation to time and costs, it offers two different student options to those who are willing to become fully qualified Soul Facilitator:
  • Student Type 1          
Enrolled at the School with an ordinary attendance of a three-year study in order to follow the Academic training as structured. 
Each Academic year starts at the end of September, or first week of October, and it ends in the following September. 
Students should complete each year of attendance within this time. Any courses not attended can be completed in the following year. 
  • Student Type 2        
Enrolled at the school with attendance according to their own time up to a maximum of five-year time. In this case, at the end of each Academic year, the student may enrol in the following Academic year, but they will not be entitled to attend any courses for which they have not completed the mandatory preliminary level.

For more information about these options, please download the documents listed below in the Downloadable Documents section of this website:

•    Administrative Document
•    Academic Document
•    Ethical Code
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