Meditation and Concentration

The word “meditation” means “to take care of self” through a contact with the True Inner Self, or Witness, without any interference of thoughts and emotions. The Inner Being knows each individual Higher Plan and purpose, and it knows how to guide us in the unfoldment of life because it is constantly in contact with the Greater Life. 

There is no separation between our little life and the greater Whole: Life is in us and we are Life. Between these two aspects – which in reality are ONE – there is a constant communication based on symbolism. The memory of this symbolic language is deeply impressed in us, but the constant attention on the outer has apparently weakened it. 

The meditation practice is a tool to remember that language in order to reconnect the Creator with its Creation by developing a correct relationship between the two hemispheres of the brain and the body as a place where the light can dwell and reflect the vibrations received from the Greater Life. The right hemisphere “senses”, while the left “focusses”. The body embraces the symbolism of nature and the mind reveals the mystery that it hides.  

Meditation will be the tool which will slowly become our main way of being and living; peace and stillness will start to infuse our life and support us in the unfoldment of the role we have come here to play in each moment. It is about the understanding that it is only in the now that we can be One with the Greater Whole. 

Meditation & Concentration – Part 1

Meditation & Concentration – Part 1

The word “meditation” and the word “medicine” do have the same root: it means “taking care of ourselves”, therefore the intention it is to get attention toward the center of our Being, without distractions coming from the thoughts and from the emotions, with the purpose to contact what we defines "Internal Witness". When we work on ourselves "the witness" is the Soul, the internal being that observes what happens to the outside with peace and calm. In the daily life we live as situations, thoughts, emotions which often move the straight-line attention of the observer making us lose the self-connection and our spiritual equilibrium. The work of meditation is turned to focus and to contact the soul inside of us.
During this First Part of the course Meditation & Concentration, we will learn what meditation is, how it can help us in our daily life to constantly connect and listening without being dominated by the personality, from the itself inferior and from what it internally happens. The sense of meditation, therefore, is to learn to have a constant connection with our source of life, the Spirit, so that we’ll constantly receive information from the Great Mind on what is the best attitude in the present situation. It means learning to become the "instrument" for something very important: our role in the world. In these three days together, we will work to begin this trial, we will analyse and see different techniques and the way these can be used. The meditation is a means that slowly becomes our way to be and live; the peace and the calm that it constantly pervades our life to help us to activate the role that we have called to realize and to be more and more participates with the creation of the Creator.

Meditation & Concentration – Part 2

Meditation and Concentration – Part 2

There are many and different meditation techniques, but each of them has the purpose of helping us getting in touch with the True Self, beyond the limitations generated by our little mind. Knowing the Self and learning to live from that space in the daily life is the aim of each human being. Connecting with the Self triggers an instantaneous connection with Life, with Nature and the symbolism that it hides. Only through the Higher Self, or Soul, we can re-establish this communication and, by a simple shift of attention, learn to live from a space of peace and faith. During this three-day seminar we will explore together different meditation and concentration techniques coming from the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. These will help us explore distinctive aspects of the self in order to show us how the little mind misleads our thinking and how, on the contrary, the True Self knows how to instill in us joy, bliss, understanding and faith.

Living from the soul means to receive the guidance and the inspiration in each moment of life; it means to detach from a sense of separation and learn to see everything there is as part of a Greater Plan, whose only aim is to help us rise in consciousness and reveal its unity. The universe guides us in each moment – the most important thing is to learn to listen.

Meditation & Concentration – Part 3

Meditation and Concentration – Part 3

Where are we coming from? Where are we going? Where are we now, at which point of our life are we standing? These are the main questions to ask ourselves in order to understand who we are and where our inner being is leading us. The HERE and NOW is a great concept to become aware of the true self living within us and its immense power of manifestation and co-creation.
Our mind mainly lives far away from the present moment and, because of its own nature, it keeps worrying about the future or regretting the past, continuously focusing on what it is false in us. The individual we always thought to be has a different and deeper essence which is hidden behind the veil of illusion of the mind.
During this 3-day course we will deeply explore the power of being in the present moment, of being in the body, that is the only part of us that daily lives in the here and now. It is through the present moment that we can wake up to the inner nature of the self and free ourselves from the limitation of the mind. Living from the true self opens a door to a new perception of reality and it reveals the truth of the ancient Zen saying: 
“Before one studies Zen, mountains are mountains and waters are waters; after a first glimpse into the truth of Zen, mountains are no longer mountains and waters are no longer waters; after enlightenment, mountains are once again mountains and waters once again waters.”
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