Mission and Vision


The IIS has created a new form of professional consultant called a Soul Facilitator, to accompany any human Being on their path towards their own true inner nature, their Soul.   The Soul Facilitator will help the client use the tools of Ancient Wisdom to become aware of their talents and qualities and of the life experiences they chose to realise their role in the Grand Design of Existence. In this regard, the attention of the school is steadily focused on the relationship between energy and consciousness.


It is becoming increasingly desirable to create in humankind a consciousness of their own spiritual nature. To achieve this IIS has created a training path that can help those who undertake it navigate through an exploration of Ancient Teachings. This Ancient Wisdom can renew the memory of our origins and open up horizons that are wider and higher than those of everyday life. It is a true initiation path towards the discovery of the true Self, in order to live a fuller life and to help others along a similar path.
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