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Life seems to be mysterious. Most of the time it appears to unfold without a logical meaning, and it may trigger within us a sense of feeling lost on the journey. Everything may be experienced as challenging and heavy, affecting our self-worth and trust in who we are. It may appear to be like a very challenging Labyrinth with no way out.

For this reason, in ancient times, man started to observe the natural movement of Life in order to understand the patterns hidden behind the surface of things. Each culture throughout the world developed different maps of wisdom, to assist humanity in the understanding of the subtle thread behind the unfoldment of Existence. 

Life follows the Law of Necessity and the Law of Economy, meaning that everything manifested is necessary and needed for a Higher purpose. This means that we are here, not only for the purpose of having a life, (growing up, finding a job, a partner, a home, etc.), but also to evolve our consciousness beyond the limitations of our individual mindsets.  When we do this, our true talents and gifts are revealed, and the purpose of our existence in the world becomes clear. Together, these things assist us to contribute to the well-being of all humanity.  The journey towards the Self is about understanding the hidden motives behind the surface - this is what "esoteric" means.  Then, we learn to listen and be guided by our still small voice within (intuition).

“Know Thyself” was the message written on the Delphic Oracle, but how do we get to know ourselves? Through our experiences on the physical level.  Life has the greater purpose of supporting our journey by giving us experiences. These show us the consequences of our belief system and choices, for ourselves and others.  What we see in the outer world is just a projection of who we think and believe we are. The aim is for us to create opportunities to align our inner and outer selves, according to Universal Law. 

Each Ancient Tradition offers a different point of view – a piece of our life journey puzzle – which, if put together, gives us a complete picture of why we are here, what we are for, where we are at, and what it is asked of us. Each wisdom system explores Life in its unique specific way, using diverse tools – numbers, colours, constellation and planets, the symbolism of the Tarot and the I Ching, etc. Each of these tools focusses on a precise aspect of the journey and, therefore, the choice of a consultation depends upon what the person would like to understand at each point in time, especially when they are at a crossroads.

Here below, you can find a brief explanation of the different types of sessions offered by the International Initiation School. For more information and bookings, please contact the School Office.

1. Esoteric Numerology Consultation
Numbers reflect the vibration of our consciousness. Our date and time of birth, and our full name, carry the mystery of the unfoldment of our consciousness throughout life. Our numbers give us the possibility to understand the journey through time and space, from the karmic (time) and soul (space) point of view.  This means that we can understand the higher reason behind what happens to us.  We learn to work towards our true purpose, which is indicated by the rise in consciousness revealed within our individual numerological chart. As we start aligning to the aim, Life supports the manifestation of our full potential through time.

2. Advanced Esoteric Numerology Consultation
This session may be requested by those who wish to explore their life journey more deeply, in order to see the full picture of the experiences revealed in the soul journey. There are different kinds of numerological explorations to choose from: it may be a deepening of the different phases (cycles) of life; the karmic aspect hidden in the name; the understanding of the consciousness of the soul from the previous incarnation to this one or, the direction that one’s life will naturally/spiritually take following the karmic wind in relation to the higher intent of the Greater Life. It is recommended after an Esoteric Numerology consultation. (Please, read the consultation type 1)

3. Esoteric Numerology Relationship Consultation
Relationships are the way through which we get to know ourselves and grow. Through an Esoteric Numerology Chart comparison, it is possible to understand the hidden purpose of soul behind any kind of relationship, and what it is that people have come together to achieve. Looking at relationships through Esoteric Numerology can be a very valuable tool for people to understand each other, and this will then support the deeper meaning which lies behind their soul encounter, whether is it love, business, or friendship, etc.

4. Esoteric Astrology Natal Chart Consultation
Esoteric Astrology is somewhat different to traditional astrology. The position of the stars and constellations at the time of birth, reveals the life-soul blueprint. One’s natal chart holds the keys of the set-up for the journey throughout life, describing what the person has come here for, the challenges one has to face and the talents to be revealed and expressed. 

5. Esoteric Astrology Solar-Return Chart Consultation
The Solar-Return Chart should be made every year at the time of one’s birth, as the Sun has returned to the exact natal position as when you were born. It offers a view of where the individual is at and what they are moving towards, in relation to the original Natal Chart Blueprint. It describes what the year ahead has in store for us from the soul's point of view, and gives us guidance for those areas of life where a rise in consciousness is most likely to be experienced. It can be a great support to know, in advance, the challenges and gifts that await us in the year ahead.  This Consultation is a great tool with which to work, specifically, upon the task of perceiving and allowing our shift in consciousness and the unfoldment of the Plan.

6. Esoteric Astrology Natal Chart and Solar Return Consultation
This is a combination, in a one-on-one individual session, of consultation types 4 and 5. 

7. Esoteric Astrology Relationship Chart Consultation
Entering a relationship of any kind, (love, business, friendship, etc.) creates a energy field which draws out specific, unconscious, aspects and dynamics in each individual. Comparing the Esoteric Astrological Birth Charts of two people offers the possibility to understand what this field is, and what it creates, in order to know about the energetic quality of their relationship. Once we understand what may be experienced, we may choose a different attitude and consciously commit to the work needed in order to achieve the highest good for the relationship.  

8. 72 Angels of the Kabbalah Individual Consultation
The 72 Angel names represent the 72 Divine qualities, which relate to Earth through time and space. This means that at the time of our birth, we were under the influence of a specific Divine energy hidden in our cellular memory, that we have come here to reveal. Each of us has four Angels, or Messengers of Light - a Guardian Angel, a Heart Angel and two Intellectual Angels – which offer us the opportunity to receive and embody that which we carry within us.
This consultation is an opportunity to get to know one’s personal Angels. To join together with them in consciousness and purpose, in order to have a clear view of the talents and challenges which lie within our field of consciousness, throughout life. It is an invitation to learn how to work with and incarnate our own Light in our daily life. 

9. The Individual 4 Angels of the Kabbalah in relation to the Esoteric Astrology Natal Chart
The 72 Angels are related to the Astrological Wheel, as each of them rules and influences specific degrees of the Zodiac. This consultation offers an opportunity to understand in which Houses – areas of life – our 4 Angels are positioned, in order to understand on which level they affect and support us though our life soul journey (Please, read also points 4 and 8).

10. Esoteric Tarot Consultation
The Esoteric Tarot is not a method of prediction but, rather, a guide through which we can look at our own state of awareness in relation to what is in front of us. The purpose is to offer a new prospective on our challenges and crises that we are asked to face, in order to understand them from the soul point of view. It is a wonderful tool to begin to learn how to deal with Life in a different way, and grow from it. The Tarot spread offers us a clear indication of the spiritual inner work we are asked to do, in order to transform the outcome of any given situation, through one's rising consciousness. It is about the understanding of the deeper message hidden behind the symbolism of each life event.

11. Aura-Soma® Consultation 
Colour reflects consciousness. In the selection of the colours we choose, we can see our soul’s purpose revealed and the challenges we have placed upon our path in order to develop our gifts and talents. The 123 Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles offer us a possibility to recognize ourselves in the mirror of colour in order to understand the path of journey towards ourselves. During the consultation we are asked to choose 4 Equilibrium bottles. Each of them relates to where we are going, the challenges to be faced in order to reveal the gift, where we are in the here and now in relation to that journey, and what we are drawing towards ourselves in order to open the door to a greater self-awareness. At the end of the consultation, we may choose to use the oils of the Equilibrium bottles associated to the colours needed by our being to support the process highlighted during the individual session.

12. Soul Facilitation Individual Session
Sometimes we feel lost and we do not know why, or we have to face a specific situation and we do not know what to do, because we are only looking at the surface of things, without looking behind the scenes. This session is an invitation to talk to a Facilitator who can look at the individual soul plan, to shine some light on why and where we are going, in order to deal with each specific life challenge from the soul’s perspective.

13. Inner Alchemy Individual Session
Inner Alchemy relates to a fusion between the personality and the soul, the intellect and the heart. Our personality is our thinking, emotional and physical states; our soul is our Higher Mind, unconditional love, and intuition. On the way towards coming to know ourselves, we are asked to transcend the limitations of the intellect, which triggers our behaviour and our way of being in the world, in order to open up to our soul view. Most of the time, these mindsets are the cause of our suffering and grief. During this session, the Facilitator supports us through a process of awareness, by asking us some questions to activate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The purpose is to contact the root of our mindsets in order to discover its integration in our being.  This often takes a leap in consciousness. It is about learning to look at our life from the Greater Life's perspective, so that we may open to the truth of our Soul.

14. SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) Individual Session
The terminology Spiritual Intelligence refers to the 3rd intelligence of the brain, which gets activated by the working together of the left (rational and intellectual mind, the IQ) and right hemispheres (emotional intuitive mind, the EQ). On the way towards coming to know ourselves, we are asked to transcend the limitations of the intellect, which triggers our behaviour and our way of being in the world, in order to open up to release the mindsets that cause our misunderstandings and suffering. During this session, the Facilitator supports us through a process of awareness, by asking us some SQ questions to activate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The purpose is to contact the root of our mindset in order to discover its integration in our being.  This often takes a leap in consciousness.
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