The International Initiation School is a Centre of Holistic Traditional Studies. The School considers the ancient wisdom teachings a great inspirational source. Our aim is to bring back to the light all the wisdom coming from them to support the rising in consciousness of humanity with the purpose of accompanying each individual on the path of self-awareness, the understanding of one’s own potential and Divine Life. 

The different disciplines have been selected to offer the tools to grow in the consciousness of who we potentially are and offer a guidance for the unfolding of one’s life plan. 

According to the governmental guidelines, the teachings have been divided in two parts: the Academic Disciplines, which are compulsory to the completion of the Soul Facilitator training structure, and the Personal Growth Disciplines, which are optional and can be selected according to one’s own field of interest to complete the other 350 hours of training required.

Those who are attending the School not as a Soul Facilitator Trainee but for their Personal Pathway, can attend any discipline at any time, provided that the course sequence of some specific disciplines is followed.

NB: These are only a few IIS Personal Growth Seminars. Please, go to the Calendar Section to see all the scheduled Seminars for the current Academic Year. For further information, please contact our School Office.
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