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The International Initiation School’s vision is not only to support those who wish to learn Esoteric subjects and receive a qualification as a Soul Facilitator, but also those who wish to attend the School courses and seminars in order to raise their consciousness, and to support themselves in their soul journey for this lifetime.
For this reason, the School training has been structured in such a way that it assists the understanding of who we truly are as a soul, and allows the unfoldment of our potential, gifts and talents hidden in each situation, so that we may transform each challenge or crisis, into a moment of revelation and growth. It is about learning how to live our life fully in alignment with the Soul Plan with which each of us comes into this life.  
To achieve this purpose, the School provides this kind of student training:
  • Student Type 3          
Enrolled Students. Students may join the school but still attend  courses in their own time, up to maximum five academic years. The purpose of attending the School's courses is to delve into the esoteric teachings in order to learn about the Greater Life and receive the tools to deepen the understanding of their personal journey in order to be in control of their own life, without the intent of training as a facilitator. If the student, at some point in their training is willing to formalise their attendance of the School and become a fully qualified Soul Facilitator, then they will be asked to complete all the other requirements for each academic year, as stated in the Academic and Administrative Documents.
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