Soul-Body Consciousness Alignment

This energetic practice is an art of energy healing to align the spiritual and material aspect of the Self. This technique was received and developed by Cristiana Caria, founder of the International initiation School, as a means to support the process of alignment between the higher energy of the soul and the threefold aspects of the personality by using our conscious presence as a tool. It is a copyright of the International Initiation School and it is accredited as a course in “Crescita Personale.”

The Soul Body Consciousness Alignment is NOT an Aura-Soma course. Due to the quality of the products, however, they will be used as a support for the art of energy healing. 

Part 1: Activating the Flow to Soul Awareness

"God has given us his Spirit: this is the proof that God is present in us and we are united to him"
 [...] "God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him"

- St. John
We are an instrument of the Light. We are here to grow in consciousness and be used by the Light to achieve the mission we were given in this world. Spirit and matter vibrate at different energy levels. Spirit is a dynamic force, the creative power of Life that lies behind everything there is. It is a vibration, a permanent movement of consciousness; it has a solar quality, and it may be interpreted as the Higher will lying at the basic of reality, unfolding everything that is according to Its Higher Plan. 
Matter is form; it is the manifestation on an earthly level of that Higher Plan; it has a Lunar reflective quality. In the ancient teachings matter has always being described as dark because it was considered unconscious of itself and the Higher Divine potential it was holding. It is like the “image” of the Higher spiritual nature it comes from, meaning that it is like "reflection in a mirror" of the Divine plan it comes from. Sprit flows; Spirit is life, it is permanent and unchanging. 
Its intent is moved by Lord Karma who has the aim of constantly aligning the inner to the outer, the soul and the personality, according to the Law of Divine Justice, which has the aim of getting us out of self-deception about who we think we are and want to be, and destroy all the exhausted experiences to allow the new birth of consciousness to see the light we carry within and we are here to reveal.
We are not aware that the temple of our body is the place where this movement or flow of energy between Spirit and matter takes place. This is why the triple aspect of the personality (thinking, feeling and energy body) is the place where we experience a sense of dis-ease. As the Light/Spirit/Higher consciousness comes into matter, the personality/form is asked to tune in to this higher frequency and rise in consciousness through the letting go of the old mindsets and energy patterns that hold us back. 
During this three-day seminar we will learn an art of energy healing that will facilitate the soul-body alignment in order to support the client in their process of rising in consciousness. We will deeply explore the different levels of di aura and learn, as facilitators, to become an instrument of the light to re-establish an energy communication and flow between the spiritual and personality levels of the client. Alignment means acceptance of the Plan and acceptance implies becoming conscious of the Love of Spirit for our Highest Good.

Part 2: Grounding the Higher Self

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.”
- Proverbs 3:5
The Soul/Body Consciousness Alignment Part 1 was a deep cleansing process of the energy body, in order to allow the movement or flow of energy between the Spiritual and material aspect of the Self. The Spiritual intent hidden behind our life is constantly changed by Lord Karma, who has the aim of aligning the inner to the outer, the soul and the personality, according to the Law of Divine Justice, in order to help us get out of the sense of self-deception, and dissolve all the obsolete mindsets.
The technique shared in Part 1 had the purpose of removing some of the beliefs that triggered disturbances in the process of aligning to our Divine plan, mission and purpose, so that we could become more conscious of where we are and what we are asked to do, and be open to accept the unfoldment of our life events as manifestation of that Higher Intent. The practice taught in Part 2 is intended to support the grounding the Higher self/soul in this lifetime or incarnation. Grounding the Self does not mean living and working. It means to accept our life and be connected to our inner voice, so that we can face each experience through the wisdom of the soul. It's about supporting the connection to our intuition, which is a soul quality, to receive the inner guidance needed in each moment.

Grounding the Self encourages the opening of the heart chakra, which is related to the quality of flight and is about the letting go of the compromises with the Self. The heart chakra holds the principle of transformation and integration and it bridges the spiritual and material aspects of the self, by supporting the acceptance of the journey and the mission that we have chosen. It fuels the qualities of detachment, serenity and calmness and assists us in leaving behind the fears, anxieties and survival issues rooted in the base chakra.

As we become aware and ground who we are in the base, we experience an openness and trust in the Higher Self.  During this three-day seminar, we will learn the second technique of this art of energy healing, which will facilitate and support the client in their process of grounding the consciousness of the Self in the energy body. 

Part 3: The Awakening of the Self

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”
- 2 Corinthians 9:8

This workshop is the last stage of a threefold path to soul consciousness through this energetic art of healing and alignment. It is about becoming open and receptive to the higher qualities of the soul in order to bring them into physicality through the personality aspects. 
Expressing our own soul in the profane world is the first step to manifest our mission and purpose into the plane of matter and being guided in the process of co-creation of what we are meant to manifest in this lifetime. 
When we awake to our soul consciousness, we realise that we are different than what we thought we were and we become willing to leave behind our old negative mindsets and habits; we feel we want to expand our view of the world and share our authentic Self in order to make the world a better place. 
The sense of giving a meaning to our life becomes immense; our sensitivity and higher mind functions open up in order to show us the way through the different life situations. Our creativity and inspiration increase, and we feel inspired by something beyond us that our little mind may not rationally be able to understand. We are willing to live from our Higher Plan and from soul. We will experience “coincidences” and “synchronicities” in the unfoldment of our daily life. This will assist us in leaving behind our worries, expectations and live in the now from a deep sense of peace “that passeth all understandings”; we will give a new interpretation to conflicts, as we have learnt to see beyond the superficialities of life. A deep sense of Love and Acceptance of the unfoldment of life becomes the key to our own journey making us feel blessed for everything that is.
As we awaken to the soul, we experience a change in the way we express and manifest ourselves in the world.  During this three-day seminar, we will learn the third technique of this art of energy healing, which will facilitate and support the client in their process of awakening to who they truly are as a soul.
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