Tailor-made Pathway

The ancient wisdom teachings offer us the possibility to draw a map of the soul journey we are going to experience in this life, with the purpose of raising our consciousness. Each map describes specific aspects which may be greatly supportive in relation to the understanding of who we are, where we are, where we are heading and why. At a certain point in life we may feel lost or we may not understand what’s happening to us. Sometimes it is not enough to receive a simple consultation, as, afterwards, we may not have the tools to understand the process of this inner journey and feel incapable of dealing with what may occur.

For this reason the School has developed a specific consultation where, according to one’s charts or maps – specifically with esoteric numerology and astrology - it is made clear where a person is at from the consciousness point of view, in order to prepare a  “Tailor-made Pathway” which includes specific seminars (from one, up to maximum of three) to attend, that will give each individual the necessary tools to assist them in the unfoldment of their own journey at that very time.

Raising consciousness is about going beyond the limitations of own belief system and view of things, to support the manifestation of what is about to come and be revealed within us as a personal talent and gift.
Should you wish to receive further information, or book a consultation for your “Tailor-made Pathway”, please contact the School Office or click here.
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