The teachers of the School have been personally appointed by Cristiana Caria, the director and founder of the International Initiation School. Most of them have been asked to follow a specific training in order to maintain the methodology, vision and values of the founder.
Each Teacher is required to preserve their professional standard through training updates or other activities to maintain the good name of the school. He or she must adhere to a respectful, friendly, polite and neutral behaviour, as well as to a positive and constructive attitude toward the School and students. This must be applied in every situation, both inside of the institute while performing their duties and outside of it with regard to their relationships with students, School and staff.

The Teacher is asked to care to process any information or material related to the Students with absolute confidentiality.
In the teacher role, they shall not judge and underestimate others or assert themselves over others. Their role is exclusively to guide students towards their inner path, and to bless them as they tread that path.
They are asked to be aware that through teaching they learn to become Souls and what they teach transforms them inwardly, by expanding their consciousness.

The School invites those who act in the role of Teacher to deliver the taught subject to students from a position of observation and humility, in order to open the mind of both student and the mind of the teacher.
Their role as a teacher is to serve from soul the purpose they have been assigned by the Greater Life.
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