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The 22 Cards of the Hebrew Letters Cristiana Caria and Davide Romanini


The Hebrew alphabet is composed of 22 signs, which we can consider as 22 keys with the purpose of revealing the mysteries of Creation. According to the Torah these 22 Hebrew Letters are the building blocks of the universe, and their combinations give life to the whole of Creation. The Hebrew letters are not ordinary letters, but they are SYMBOLS describing the fields of consciousness they represent. Each of them is an expression of a unique energy-intelligence, holding specific attributes and animated by a very powerful spiritual force. Each Hebrew letter is a channel through which currents of purest energy, which differentiate in shape, sound, meaning of the name and their numerical value, are poured into the world. The shapes of the Hebrew letters act in a subliminal way through the sight of those who observe or visualize them, to suggest specific symbolic associations capable of enriching their sphere of influence on the different levels of being (spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic). In Asia this power is associated with diagrams and images called Yantra or Mandala. Each letter of the Aleph-Beth is a mandala, a symbol, a shape capable of leading the attention of the person who meditates upon it to the centre of the Being, and to Consciousness, that state of stillness and silence from which we receive spiritual illumination. The graphic aspect of the Hebrew letters has the power to harmonise the sense of imagination; their numerical value describes the entity of their vibration; and the sound is the depository of their specific spiritual power. The letters of the Aleph-Beth are associated to numbers endorsing the union between the mathematical and the abstract aspect of the mind, the left hemisphere, and the right hemisphere related to images and symbols. The study of the Hebrew alphabet does not imply the learning of the lexicon and the grammar, but rather the creation of a synergic relationship with each single letter through the understanding its shape, name and number, in order to receive the infinite amount of messages and teachings that they contain. “This project came into being after a long experience with the Angelic energies through colour and light. The power of the Hebrew letters was speaking to me through their shape and numbers even if I was not deeply aware of the energies behind them. After a long and deep study, I realized that these letters, which are considered to be the building blocks of Creation in the Jewish tradition, hold the understanding of the Divine forces that bring us into life. Their energy conveys within us the Divine qualities we are meant to work with and incarnate in this life, the hidden potential that we have come here to manifest, as an instrument of the Divine will. I wanted to create a tool which could convey the energy coming from another level of existence and which we could work with in order to tune into the Divine life force at the source of existence. For this reason, I asked Davide Romanini, the illustrator, to cooperate with me in the realization of something special and different. He understood my intention and it took us about a year of mutual deep inner work to bring into matter the higher frequencies that these letters represent.” Cristiana Caria When Cristiana asked me to take part in and share this project, I immediately accepted with great joy because both in my personal journey and as an illustrator, I had been waiting for the revelation of my own path. The realization of the project of the Hebrew Letters encouraged me in the direction of an inner quest, looking for a deeper connection in order to recognize and manifest the sensations and the energies that these symbols moved within me for their own revelation. It was only after attaining some understanding of the ancient knowledge which Cristiana guided me to explore, that shapes and colours began to unveil themselves to me, and the illustrations simply manifested onto the page.” Davide Romanini We offer this work to you with all our heart, and we hope it will support you in the unfoldment of your life potential. May the Light be with you, may the Plan of your existence be revealed in the Light of your True Self, your Soul.

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