The Archangels and the Zodiac Wheel

The heavenly influxes of the Archangels inspire and guide our own evolution. Every single planetary transit, every Solar Return, every gift received at birth has to be accepted by the Archangels who organize and define every single details of the human life.
After having observed the general archangelic influence in detail, we will associate each of them to the Planets, the Constellations and their reciprocal movements. Nothing happens by chance and everything follows a precise order that the Archangels know and overlook. Furthermore, each of them integrates his own individual influx both with the movement of heaven and our individual evolution.
Each Archangel is a Heavenly Architect that infuses wisdom and energy to our individual, collective, country existence to offer a meaning both in time and space.
We will observe every Constellation, every planet and its characteristics in relation to those of the Archangel or Archangels that rules them. We will relate everything to our own individual journey in the natal chart and discover which kind of archangelic energy we are connected to and how we can create a personal relationship with it. Behind every single thing in life, there is a lot of hidden work to do.

Pre-requisites: none
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