The Cycle of Transformation of Matter in Spirit

At the beginning of each human life, the spiritual energies are focused on taking different forms to facilitate the evolution of the being that is going to incarnate in the new life. 
During this workshop we will follow the path of incarnation of each human soul in order to observe their transformations in matter through time – we will describe how Spirit moves into matter and then back - and out of time when, after having passed away, each human soul processes the past experience.
From "the cosmic midnight" each individual soul descends again to Earth gathering on the way all the necessary tools for the task chosen for the next earthly life – the soul moves down from the constellations, through the planets, to incarnate again through the higher bodies down to manifest their physical form.
The intention hidden behind it is to reach, at the end of each lifetime, a state of consciousness higher than the one given at birth. In the first half of life we involve in matter. “Midway upon the journey of our life” each of us begins the evolving process to go back to Spirit. We'll analyze how.

Pre-requisites: none
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