The Healing Energies of the 7 Planets and 7 Metals

All Nature manifests as big processes of vitalization. It is enough to look at the “cycle of water” which starts from the water of the sea, condenses in the atmosphere, precipitates on the land in order to constitute the watery body of the deep and hidden streams under the surface of the earth, which, at the end, come up to the surface of the planet. Through this differentiation Nature sustains and reveals its dynamism.

All the living manifestation – from the vegetables on – goes beyond the appearance by interiorizing all the processes of life. Each of the 7 ancient planets (the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) is closely connected to the energies of the 7 Metals (Ag, Hg, Cu, Au, Fe, Sn e Pb) at the basis of the Anthroposofic Medicine.

Each remedy created with one of the 7 metals takes care of the organs and the apparatus related to it and it supports their coming back into a state of balance. Each metal is the carrier of an impulse which connects us to Heaven, from where it comes, and to the Earth, where it operates on the material level. This creates an intimate connection between us and the Universe. The creation of each remedy follows a harmonic process of preparation with the aim of our well-being.

How do these metals influence our earthly life? And how can we harmonize the remedies to the human needs? Our dis-eases do not originate only in the physical, but there are the reflection of an unbalance in the relationship whit our spiritual nature.
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