The influx of the Archangels in each Epoch and in the Calendar Year

The whole universe is changing and with it all beings: we as humans, the Angels, the archangels and all the Spiritual Hierarchies. Everyone has been given a task in time and out of time. All spiritual beings of higher evolution give us energy to promote the success of our own task, because our success is also theirs.
During the seminar we will look at the impulses of the 7 Archangels: Orifiel/Saturn, Venus/Anael, Zachariel/Jupiter, Raphael/Mercury, Samael/Mars, Gabriel/Moon, Michael/Sun, in the unfolding of the seven eras of the present human evolution (Indian, Persian, Egyptian-Chaldean, Greek-Latin, current (post-Atlantic), Germanic/Slavonic, American) and the gifts of the 4 Archangels of seasons that every year follow one another to promote our spiritual growth in relation with our personal nature.
Every Archangel rules an element and each element (Fire, air, Water and Earth) expresses its characteristics in one of 4 human temperaments (Choleric, Phlegmatic, Sanguine and Melancholiac). We will see the connections between the 4 Archangels and the impulse that each one gives to us as human beings through our dominant temperament.

Pre-requisites: none
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