The North (Rahu) and South (Ketu) Lunar Nodes

Revealing the Karmic Patterns and Dharmic Way of Our Life

08/01/2020 - 08/02/2020

The North (Rahu) and South (Ketu) Lunar Nodes


The South Node represents the past, where we're coming from and what we're bringing into this life, including the lessons from past lives and all the gifts and qualities that the individual has mastered in previous experiences. According to the Vedic tradition, Ketu can cause blockages and pain in our lives in order to push us to transcend our limitative patterns and encourage exploration of the subconscious mind which holds a lot of irrational fears. In the Chakra system Ketu is associated to the 7th chakra, Sahasrara, the 1000 Petal Lotus as, being the Soul, its aim is to assist us in surrendering the personality to a higher power and lead us to freedom from the worldly attachments.

The North Node is the future, the lessons the person must learn in this lifetime, the path or destiny necessary for the individual growth in consciousness in this life, which, even if it is not easy to embrace, will be very supportive for the revelation of who we truly are and meant to be. Rahu is very involved in desires and the material world, and for that reason may be manipulative and deceptive; it is based in the 1st chakra, Muladhara, representing the personality patterns and the body that look for gratification, success and power in life.

As they join together through the rising of the kundalini energy in our psyche, all our being will be reaching a higher level of consciousness and a deep state of joy. The astrological signs (that depict the quality consciousness of an experience) and the Houses (which are the expression of the areas of life where this quality manifest itself) are true guidelines to the understanding of this life journey.

As stated in the website Café Astrology, "Whether or not we consciously work on these lessons, events in our lives are likely to force us to confront them." Life is always taking us where we are meant to go but following its guidance with awareness makes the landscape along the river very revealing.


The Lunar Nodes: description;
The Lunar Nodes in relation to Karma and Dharma;
Rahu and Ketu in the Chakra system of the ordinary man;
The Lunar Nodes in relation to the Astrological Signs;
The Lunar Nodes in relation to the Astrological Houses.


Cristiana Caria - Spiritual Teacher & SQ Coach


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