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The Project: “In this Starry Place”


The Hebrew Letters came to my attention while I was working with the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah, known also as the 72 Names of God. A voice within was telling me that I had to dig more into their understanding as something important would be revealed in relation to the 72 qualities of the Divine. According to the Zohar, the Hebrew Letters were concealed by the Divine two thousand years prior to Creation and they were meant to be the building blocks of reality: “Twenty-Two letters are the foundation: He engraved them, He hewed them out, He combined them, He weighed them, and He set them at opposites, and He formed through them everything that is formed and everything that is destined to be formed.” (Sefer Yetzirah) Each of these letters expresses a field of consciousness, a unique energy-intelligence, which holds specific attributes and it is animated by a very powerful spiritual force. Each Letter exists on three levels (Trinity): form (as it crystallizes the Divine revelation), sound (as it infuses an intention) and a numerical value (in order to differentiate between phenomena). Our task is to become conscious of these three levels of dimension and access their force/consciousness to manifest the Divine Plan and potential held in their energetic “structure.” All the 22 Hebrew Letters have a numeric value because both numbers and letters are instruments of the cosmic energy and they express its Divine vibration. The numerical vibration of the Hebrew Letters follows a number sequence from 1 to 9, which in Esoteric Numerology, represents the cycles of manifestation of the Divine into matter. After number 10, the sequence repeats itself by adding a 0 behind the first digit up to 90 and, as this second sequence is completed, two zeros up to 400. Therefore, the first letter Aleph corresponds to number 1 and the last letter Tav to number 400. Following this process, three groups of nine letters are formed, making each group 10 times more powerful than the one before: “Contained within these groups is a message that tells about the creation as a process of thought, followed by a manifestation of the thought, followed by a final or Great Manifestation that was the original purpose of the Great Plan.” Recently it has been discovered that the 22 Hebrew Letters have a shape comparable to the 22 amino-acids of the human DNA; therefore, these 22 intelligences/forces are the essence of our own being. Their consciousness come together in the triplets of the 72 Angels Names, which are the expression of 72 Divine qualities and potential. In Esoteric Numerology number 3 is symbolic of the Divine Plan, the blueprint. In the Collins Dictionary a blueprint is defined as: “A blueprint for something is a plan or set of proposals that shows how it is expected to work.” The triad of each Angel Name is thus indicative of the unfoldment of the Plan and potential of manifestation associated with the consciousness of the Divine that each combination of letters represents. At the time of our birth, 3 of the 72 Angels or Divine qualities came together to create our energetic imprint. Their energetic activation can assist us in reconnecting to our mission and purpose, heart quality and higher intelligence of the soul. Two years ago, I asked Davide Romanini to assist me in manifesting onto paper each of these 22 intelligences and the 72 Angel Names. The result of this collaboration gave birth to two packs of cards aiming to be a tool for experiencing their energy/force/intelligence/field of consciousness hidden behind their form: “Le Lettere della Creazione,” a pack of 22 cards of the Hebrew Letters with a booklet, and “Le 72 Carte degli Angeli,” a pack of 72 cards with the triplets of the 72 Angel Names. Even though we achieved an extraordinary result, I felt that the work was not complete, as the sound aspect of each letter had been left behind. Therefore, I contacted Emiliano Toso, who works with the 432 Hz music - the frequency of the cells - and invited him to collaborate with me on the project, so that their intelligence/force might reach our ears through their sonorous vibration. And this CD was born. Davide Romanini contributed to the outline and drawings of the CD, and Wilma Camatti, Emiliano’s mother, who I also invited to take part in the project, sealed Davide’s work with the colours received in inspiration while she was listening to their deeply resonant vibrations. This project has the purpose of supporting us in the connection with our own Inner Divine essence hidden in the letters. Its intention is to help us experience that duality is an illusion of the little self or personality, and that the truth is that we are ONE with everything that is: Life is nothing but the unfolding of a paradox of apparent separation, with the aim of realizing the blessing of True Oneness. How to use this CD This CD contains the sounds of each of the 22 Hebrew Letters and a meditation/visualization (in English and Italian) to activate their force/intelligence within our energetic structure in order to help us realize a deep sense of Oneness. It is not important to remember the shape of each letter as their archetypal image is already impressed within our being. We have also included a list of the 72 Heart Angels and the times throughout the year that they govern. • For a deep inner work, you can listen to the 22 Hebrew Letters vibration, in sequence, to activate their force within your energetic structure and then, follow the guided meditation to experience a deep sense of inner peace and oneness. • You can find out the name of your Heart Angel and repeatedly listen to the 3 Hebrew Letters that compose the triplet of the name in the written sequence. It is recommended to do it at least three times and then seal it with the sounding of the intonation AIN SOPH AUR. • You can lie on a flat surface, like a bed or yoga mat, with your arms open and listen to the meditation in a quiet space, feeling the oneness, and feeling you are part of the cosmos. We have also included the music of the meditation with no words as you may want to simply listen to it or use it to lead your own students, friends, or clients in the visualization process. NB: In the CD we have two meditations, one in English and one in Italian. Each language has a different level of vibration, and it is recommended to listen to both even if you can’t understand the words in order to experience a different energy field. “Locked alone in a room armed only with language, symbols and the knowledge of how to use them, a person will be able to unlock the mysteries of the universe. The requisite language and symbols already reside within us all, the Metaphors of Movement model provides the key to that knowledge.” Andrew T. Austin in honour of Eliphas Levi

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