The Spiritual Meaning of Self-Leadership

09/29/2021 - 10/13/2021

The Spiritual Meaning of Self-Leadership





“If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, 
you have to begin with the spirit.”

Oprah Winfrey
Self-Leadership is the capacity to lead yourself to achieve your personal and professional goals and objectives to be successful. A leader is a person capable of making the correct decisions in challenging situations and be able to take risks when it is required.

A leader is not only a person who is at the head of a company, a party, a group, etc. Everyone is a leader as every day each of us has to make choices about how to lead their life. Being a leader is challenging because we are constantly “dependent” on what is around us, on what we have being told, on what we have seeing and experienced and the result is that our life is constantly driven by someone or something else. A leader is a guide, someone who has a good understanding of where they are, who they are and the direction to follow, even if the next step must be taken into the unknown. It involves the ability to control our thoughts, our emotional and behavioral patterns in a way that guides us toward success.

In Esoteric Numerology there are two numbers associated to leadership: number 1, the courageous leader and pioneer, and number 9, the selfless leader, the one who guides others from soul. This means that to develop self-leadership, we need to be connected to our soul qualities and accept who we truly are, to be courageous and have the strength to follow the direction felt from within.

What does prevent us from doing it? Do we truly know who we are and the direction of our soul? How can we develop our own self-leadership and trust our inner guidance?

We will talk about it during these 3 online classes. We will work together to identify what we are dependent on and learn how to listen to and trust the still small voice within to be able to reveal our deepest leadership qualities in our everyday life. As we do so, we become an inspiration and example, and examples lead not only themselves but also others in becoming who they are meant to be.


Online English Teaching seminar with Japanese Translation - This webinar, organized and credited by the International Initiation School, is open to all participants and requires no pre-requisites. The places on the seminar are limited; please book your place in advance by sending your deposit (unrefundable). To participate, you must be equipped with headphones + microphone and an on-line navigation device with video camera.

The seminar will take place on 29th SEPTEMBER, 6th and 13th OCTOBER 2021 | 12.30 - 14:30 (Italian Time - Duration: 4,5 h total).

This Seminar will be Video and Audio Recorded. The Video will be available for 7 days only, while the Audio Recordings will be downloadable, for Students’ own personal use only.

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Phone: +39 342 62 66 665 (Thursday, Tuesday, Friday from 9:30 to 13:30 | Wednesday from 14:00 to 17:00).

ASSOCIATE: Naoko Tachikawa

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