Love is the only true value upon which the whole work of the IIS is based.

Behind the Grand Design, Spirit has a loving plan for the individual and for Creation. The Love which existence holds for the individual cannot be perceived by human eyes and senses. One must raise consciousness and develop intuition to see more and more of what lies beyond the visible through the eyes and the light of the soul. Recognising this message and this intent the School concentrates on studies to develop this new perception. The aim is to give every individual and potential future consultant the chance to assist others along their own life path, by learning to live every single moment, either perceived as crisis or opportunity, as part of the Soul Plan and as inner development. This results in a realisation of their own role in the Grand Design of Existence.

Love is the Way, the only Way; to be in Love means to be in the flow of our own destiny.

This form of welcoming, unconditional Love is the cornerstone of the School.
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